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Back-end Developer Tasks

The back-end developer’s job includes things that are behind the scenes. Even so, it must also involve working with the front-end to build and provide the best experience for site visitors. For details, see the following description of his job responsibilities.

1. Creating a Flow on the Website

A good flow is very important for a website. By having a structured flow, the website can run and interact as expected.

An example of a business process on an online store website is that consumers visit the site. After finding the item that the customer wants, it will enter data in the form of the number of items and buyer’s bio.

Furthermore, the back-end will process data from the consumer automatically and then provide the results in the form of a bill of payment. That way, all the data needed is neatly organized and detailed.

2. Creating a Good Security System

Ensuring the security of a web is also the task of a back end developer. When an intruder manages to enter the website server, then he can also damage content, scramble databases and even change the system.

Website security is composed of three building blocks.

The first is to do protection by being selective in choosing a hosting service provider. Second, detecting possible problems from the start using the help of special applications or software. The third is to restore by resetting or rebooting the website system, of course after backing up the site’s data.

3. Access and Database Management

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Business Website

5 Best Website Platform Options For Beginners

Building a website today still looks very promising to develop business potential and other things that you like. Whether you are passionate about blogging or want to develop something else, there are many platforms today that are great to start with.

Bottom line, building a website is now much easier, and there are plenty of platforms that are really ideal for beginners with fun features. To be more sure in choosing the right platform and according to your needs, let’s take a look at some of the options below which are ideal for today’s modern users.

1. WordPress

The most telling choice and can be the first choice list is WordPress. WordPress as far as we know, is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), in fact it has been used by about 75 million websites worldwide. The best thing is, WordPress is completely free to install, deploy, and upgrade.

2. Tumblr

The great thing about this platform is that it is easy for general users, including beginners. In addition, it is also ideal for all platform options, both desktop and mobile. With the presence of this platform, Tumblr can allow us to share anything easily. Send text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos from your browser, mobile, desktop, email, or wherever you are. It can be a good cross between social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) and blogs.

3. Wix

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The Importance of Understanding Your Website Security (SSL)

For web hosting users, they definitely want security on the website they build, especially for those of you who have an online business through a website. Maybe you are worried and afraid if your visitor data and important files are known or even stolen. We recommend that you install SSL so that the trust of website visitors increases. If you still don’t know what SSL is. The following is a discussion about SSL and the benefits of using it.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol. All browsers have the ability to interact with web servers securely when using the SSL protocol (Also Read: Understanding the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol). However, browsers and servers require certificates for the security of the connection. To get a certificate, you must create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your server. That way, the browser lets the user know that the site is secure, so that the user can browse the site safely and even enter their information.

The Importance of Understanding Your Website Security (SSL)

In the image above, you can see the address in the green bar that comes with the long validation (EV) SSL Certificate. And here are some of the benefits of using SSL on a website:

  • SSL certificates can improve website rankings on Google. This will be a positive thing for SEO rankings.
  • SSL keeps confidential information during the process of sending it over the internet in an encrypted way. So that only the recipient of the
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Website Keywords

27 Methods To Extend Visitors To Your Website

website keywords

Our free backlink checker tool will assist you to monitor hyperlinks to your web site. Keyword Strategy Studio works by obtaining a large number of concepts primarily based on the bottom keyword phrase you enter. I’ve written beforehand about utilizing the ALT and TITLE attributes properly, but the necessary point is that you simply shouldn’t write them with solely the various search engines in thoughts. Within your header, there are a selection of hidden META tags that only the major search engines will see, and the META description tag is one of these hidden tags. On the search engine outcomes page, you can usually see the META description tag by trying on the chunk of text beneath the hyperlink. The title tag can also be what your visitors will see in their internet browsers, both in the title space and on tabs (if they’re using tabbed browsing).

Instead, I recommend going on different people’s podcasts as a guest. That single video has generated over 475k views… and lots of of website visitors. But I knew that I might squeeze even more value out of this content. It’s no secret that web optimization is likely one of the greatest methods to drive site visitors to your web site. For instance, my publish listed a bunch of listing building methods. And identical to that, visitors to that page shot up like a rocket ship.

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Web Design Ideas

24 Greatest Product Web Sites Concepts

web design ideas

There is a visual rhythm to allow the eye to travel naturally from one block to another. Apple is one of the best web sites that have main layouts.

You can use elements with excessive colour distinction to add visual weight to particular elements of the design. The large field can be used to showcase products while the smaller bins can supply additional info on the product. Beverages have a layout with a big header-width box; and a few smaller packing containers that each take up a portion of the larger field’s display actual estate. Each of the packing containers could be a link that results in a larger and more advanced web page. Medium is a popular running a blog web site that presents big amounts of information to the reader in a simple-to-comply with method. It uses a multi-column grid to create a complex hierarchy and integrates text and illustrations, making it easier for visitors to scan, read, and understand a page shortly.

web design ideas

Choose your image rigorously to avoid sending the mistaken message or confusing visitors. Asymmetry is rooted in the idea that an object with more visible weight will draw consideration first.

The mixture of pixel-perfect images and terse descriptions brings out the most effective in one another. When guests come to the house web page of Apple, they’re enticed to discover additional on different sub-pages. On the top of the home page, there is a fixed navigation bar. This static menu makes it simple for guests … Read More

Web Designer

Web Design In San Diego

web designer

Freelance web designers cost between $500 to over $5,000 per website, in accordance with 99designs. The flat price is dependent upon the complexity of the job and the experience level of the designer. A web design firm pays for overhead like gear, training and conferences, medical health insurance, utilities, software program licenses and rather more. A freelance internet designer must set their minimal hourly rate to accommodate all of these bills to keep their business afloat.

Most net design tools supply vector-primarily based drawing tools to design the format and appearance of the website. Some website design instruments require designers to make use of pre-built templates and drag-and-drop components in a web site design. Web design instruments permit designers to create page layouts, apply colors and typography, and add icons and pictures.

web designer

As properly as hosting your web site we will additionally supply domains at decreased prices. We can secure your domains on the Web TODAY, and “park” it on our servers indefinitely. And for an extra fee you can start using your domains to send and obtain your personal company e-mail proper from your Web browser! Maryland Web Design makes it attainable for everybody to have a Web presence. We will make it straightforward for you to create your own Web page, have your own e mail account, and set up your online presence.

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